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Every couple years; The United States is faced with a relatively new virus. This year is no different. The Zika Virus has made a landing in the United States. This new threat has gotten the attention of every one in the country. The Zika Virus is a mosquito vectored disease and, unlike other mosquito borne diseases; it can also be transmitted sexually. The mosquitoes that are the primary vectors of The Zika Virus are two species known to breed in artificial containers. The two species found in Florida are the Aedes aegypti (mainly central and south Florida) and the Aedes albopictus (found in the northern part of the state). The fact that these two species breed in artificial containers means that it is extremely important for everyone to empty containers around their yard at least once a week.

The CDC has put together an informative page on several aspects the public needs to know or would want to know about Zika here: Below, is the link to WMBB News Channel 13’s coverage of what may be the first mosquito borne case of Zika here in Florida. The case was found in Miami-Dade. Mosquito Borne Zika case Miami-Dade

There are now two confirmed cases of Zika in Bay County. The cases are travel related. If you have any questions or concerns, please give us a call at 850-233-5030. The following is a link to News Channel WMBB and their coverage of the cases here in Bay County:

Bay County Zika Cases.

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